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Terms and Conditions



1. Definitions.



1.1 "Us". "We", "Our" refers to Vintage Wedding Cars Fife.


1.2. "Your" refers to person or company confirming a booking by way of paying a Booking Deposit.


1.3. ”Booking" refers to a date for vehicle hire and Schedule, confirmed by payment of a Booking Deposit.


1.4. ”Schedule" refers to the details of the event, including all associated details of pickups, locations, passengers

          and vehicles.


1.5. ”Driver" refers to the person assigned by Us to drive one of our vehicles for your Scheduled journeys.



2. Bookings.

2.0. By YOU placing a booking with US, YOU are confirming YOU have read, understand and agree to abide by the following published TERMS and CONDITIONS (Sections 2 – 9). Please ensure YOU understand them fully prior to placing a booking with US.


2.1. Payment of Booking Deposit deems acceptance of these Terms of Business.


2.2. Payment of Booking Deposit deems confirmation of the Schedule provided to You.


2.3. Booking Deposit is paid in full, bookings are deemed to be unconfirmed enquiries and non-binding

by Us and by You.


2.4. We are not obliged to accept any requested changes to the Schedule once a Booking is confirmed.


2.5. We reserve the right to renegotiate any requested changes to the Schedule and/or to alter the price being

charged should the requested changes be accepted by Us.


2.6. The Booking Deposit is non-refundable.

2.6a. Any payment made in advance of the full balance will be classified as a booking deposit.


2.7. Where a Booking Deposit has been made without availability of the vehicles being confirmed, we will

normally suggest alternative vehicles should the chosen vehicles be found to be unavailable. If these

alternatives are not acceptable to You, We will normally return the Booking Deposit.


2.8. A booking of Our cars will be a minimum of 4 hours, Any time after will include a surcharge of £75 per hour. A mileage surcharge will be applied if the total distance covered exceeds 50 miles total travel.



3. Balance.


3.1 ’The Balance ' is the total cost for the Booking, less Booking Deposit, less any payments made towards the

total cost before the Scheduled wedding day.


3.2 The Balance must be paid in full by one calendar month before the Scheduled Wedding Day.


3.3 Failure to pay the Balance in full by this time will be deemed cancellation of the Booking by You.


3.4 In the event of cancellation of the Booking by You, a cancellation fee becomes due, according to the following table:

More than three calendar months prior to the scheduled wedding:                                       20%

Between three calendar months and two calendar months prior to the scheduled wedding:     40%

Between two calendar months and one calendar months prior to the scheduled wedding:       70%

One calendar month or less prior to the scheduled wedding:                                              100%



4. The Scheduled Wedding Day.


4.1. On the Scheduled Wedding Day, Our assigned car driver(s) are neither authorised nor insured to make any

additional journeys other than those detailed on the Schedule. This includes stops at parks or locations for

photographs- All such stops must be detailed prior to the wedding day in the Schedule.


4.2. We normally allow 1 hour for photographs after the service. Please ensure any pictures you require with the

vehicles are taken during this time.


4.3. We will make every effort to meet the Scheduled times for pick ups and journeys, however we cannot accept

responsibility for circumstances beyond our control which may impact these or cause delay, such as traffic

incidents. As soon as any delay becomes apparent, our assigned Driver will contact you to let you know of the





5. Vehicle Substitution.


5.1 We reserve the right to substitute alternative vehicles to those detailed in the Schedule. This will normally

only be in the event of accident, mechanical failure, safety concern or adverse weather conditions such as

snow and ice.


5.2. We will endeavour to provide substitute vehicles which match your requirements as closely as possible. In the

event that no suitable vehicles are available, compensation will be limited to the refund of the cost associated

with the booked unavailable vehicle.


5.3. You are advised to take out your own Wedding Insurance.




6. Personal Effects.


6.1. We cannot accept responsibility for any personal effects left in vehicles. Items left in a vehicle after it has left

the Scheduled locations must be collected by You from Our base.


6.2. Although we will make reasonable effort to keep such items safe for you until you are able to collect them.

please note that our storage space is limited and items may be disposed of after a short period of time.




7. Vehicle Condition.


7.1. You will be liable for the total cost incurred in "making good" any damage caused by You or Your party and/or

guests to Our vehicles during the Scheduled wedding day. This may include but is nat limited to insurance

excess, repairs, repainting, legal costs and/or transport costs.


7.2. Please be aware that coins thrown in close proximity to the vehicles can cause damage to paintwork.


7.3. We reserve the right to make a charge for excessive cleaning required inside the vehicle(s) should it be

necessary. This will be at our sole discretion, but will not normally include cleaning which would reasonably be

expected after a Wedding hire, for example: vacuuming of confetti or rice.


7.4. Smoking is NOT prohibited by law in any of our vehicles. Drivers are authorised to refuse to start or continue any

journey if a passenger smokes in the vehicle.


7.5. The vehicles will leave our base clean both inside and outside, but we cannot accept responsibility for dirt or

damage which may accrue en-route to You, for example: mud during wet conditions.




8. Driver Safety.


8.1. Drivers are authorised to refuse to start or continue any journey if they deem a passenger to be in a condition

which would make that journey hazardous to themselves, other passengers, the vehicle or the public. This may

include any passenger being under the influence of drugs or excessive levels of alcohol.


8.2. Drivers are authorised to return to base immediately without reference to You should they feel threatened.

unsafe, or subject to physical or verbal abuse by anyone.




9. Your Personal Information.


9.1. Unless otherwise agreed in advance, we may use photos of you in Social Media for promotional purposes. Such

use will normally include your name and the vehicle with You on the Scheduled wedding day.


9.2. We use your personal information for the sole purpose of providing Our service to You, which includes making

occasional contact, confirming arrangements and processing payments.


9.3. We will not disclose any information we hold about you to a third party unless required to do so by law.

10. Wedding Accessories

10.1. When booking one or more of our wedding accessories these will be checked before for any damage.If returned with damage, we will send you an invoice to repair our equipment. Failure to comply we will contact the police and report criminal damage.

10.2. Our Arcade machine will be set to free play to comply with gambling regulations. We will not change this to accept coins. If coins are put in this machine, you are doing this at your own leisure and we will not open the machine at the venue.

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